This year’s Peter Anderson Festival Vendors

Last Name First Name Business Name Discipline Name Booth Number
Bob 105.9   Alpha Media *Platinum Sponsor* 90
Hall Karen Five Oaks Cypress Furniture Wood 91&92
Baldwin Kelvin Art by Kelvin Baldwin Painting 93
Huston Kiki Kiki Huston Jewelry Designs Jewelry 94
HOSA   HOSA Non-Profit 94A
The Peoples Bank ATM   People’s Bank *Bronze Sponsor* 95
Ocean Springs Gazette   Ocean Springs Gazette *Silver Sponsor* 96
White Shelia SHS Jewelry Jewelry 97
Brennan Kathy   Jewelry 98
Smith Virginia (Inka)   Jewelry 99
Bouvette Lisa Bouvette Pottery Ceramics 100
Boyd Jessica BFF Creations Jewelry 101
Gonzalez Andy AGGA, LLC. Painting 102
Woods Melissa Funky Jewelry Jewelry 103
Guidry Donna Bijoutiere Custom Jewelry Designs Jewelry 104
The Mississippi Press     *Double Diamond Sponsor* 105
Morris Jim Artifacts Home & Garden Decor 3D Mixed Media 106
Direct HD     *Gold Sponsor* 107
Yandell Earl Norm Bait Lures 3D Mixed Media 108
Farrar Chrissie Star Dust and Imagination Jewelry 109
Reynolds Vicki   Painting 110
Le Pop-Up   Le Pop-Up *Silver Sponsor* 111
Wyatt Susan Southern Yankee Woodworking Furniture 112
Celestin Naomi ReStrung Jewelry Jewelry 113
Love Blanca Blanca Love Pottery Ceramics 114
Sleasman Dale Nana’s Gourmet Goodies, LLC Food & Beverage 115
Lutz Sherryl Only Original Arts Ceramics 116
Corban Sylvia   Painting 118&119
Johnson Joel   Fiber 120
White Annette   (Other) 122&123
Ocean Springs Urgent Care     Gold Sponsor 124
Moody Sherry Moody Girl Jewelry 125
Hughes Anita Anita Hughes Pottery Studio Ceramics 126&127
King Mark   Ceramics 129
Caminita Sr Randy Caminita Wildlife LLC Painting 130
Garrard Kerri Artzy Kreations Painting 131
Krhut Sid   Ceramics 132
Shearwater Pottery   Shearwater Pottery Ceramics 134
Phillips Carolyn Studio 47 Designs Jewelry 135
DuBois Alisha The Moose and Squirrel Show Sculpture 136&137
Wilkes-Jones Andrea   Jewelry 138&139
Gatian Becky Seymour SeyMour Photography Photography 140
McCaulley Heaven The Bag Girl Fiber 141
Van de Bogart Mark Mark’s Custom Creations Jewelry 142
Odell Bruce Odell Pottery Ceramics 143
Stokes Brenda Holley Hill Pottery Ceramics 144&145
Branning John BranningArt Fiber 146
Snell Andrews Diana   Wood 147
Barrett Christy MNLa Originals Jewelry 148
Cox Susan Funky Yard Art Painting 149
Salters David David Salters Photography Photography 150
Huffmaster Elizabeth   Painting 151&152
Stebly Christopher   Painting 153&154
Cornman Robert MindWorks Inc. Painting 155
Gerdes Delton gerdes art Painting 156
Furman Carol Natural Perspectives Painting 157
Greer Brian Brian Greer Creations Jewelry 158
Mann Richard   Food & Beverage 159
Beals Brian Pickens Puzzles, LLC Wood 160
Hodges Sheila Victoria Lynn Jewelry Jewelry 161
Glass Janelle Silver Frog Studio Jewelry 162
Cotton Shirley   Ceramics 163
Venghaus Mike Molten Glass Designs inc. Jewelry 164
Miller Richard Gautier Gold Honey Packaged Foods 165
Becker Mary Lou Floating Leaf /Hellow Mary Lou Wood 169&170
Criddle Jimmy Natural Abstractions 2D Mixed Media 171
Rose Lisa Coastyle Art, LLC Painting 172
Callahan Jaime Bayou Country Big Pot Boys,LLC Packaged Foods 173
Potter Patrick   Photography 174
Washington Samuel Macedonia Baptist Church Food & Beverage 300
Phillips Timmy   Food & Beverage 301&302
Bond Julia Snow Boogers Food & Beverage 304,305&306
Play The Coast     *Gold Sponsor* 307
Kona Ice   Kona Ice Food & Beverage 308
Chronis Nicholas   Food & Beverage 309&310
Villers Rhonda Martha’s Tea Room Food & Beverage 311
Welch Joshua The Froghead Grill Food & Beverage 313
Celestine Jerry Ruth’s Chris Steak House Food & Beverage 314
Washington R. R. W. D Concession Food & Beverage 315
Kennedy Melanie Bama Pride Concessions Food & Beverage 317,318&319
Forte Jr. Joseph Dat’z Italian Authentic Wood-Fired Pizza Food & Beverage 320&321
Atkinson Cheryl The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint Food & Beverage 322&323
G96.7   Alpha Media *Platinum Sponsor* 324
Brumfield Craig   Painting 401&402
Miller Brian Miller Photography Photography 403
Ayers Steve Ayers Pottery Ceramics 404
Mannino Candace Vallot Mannino Designs Ceramics 405
Sheffield Joseph Something Southern Art Painting 406
Fong Huixiong   (Other) 407
Elite Installations     *Silver Sponsor* 408
Graham Helen   Wood 411&412
Timbes Jennifer Cottage Garden Candle & Soapmaking 413
Clark Sam samclarkart Ceramics 414
Brownlee Ed edsware Ceramics 415
Hayward J.D. J. D. Hayward Photography Photography 416
Moon Kelley Moon Buckles (Other) 417
Hedgecock Rod CoastalArtbyRod Painting 418
Samouce Mary Kay ADORN by Samouce Jewelry 419
Tollison Sharon   Ceramics 420
Lennep Tres Designs by Tres Wood 421
Williams Earnestine   (Other) 422
Mrachek Jan Bluewater Beads Jewelry 423
Nahra Jeanine Scratchboard Art By Nahra (Other) 424
Cochran Dell   Ceramics 425
McCardell Jenise Clay Creations Ceramics 426
Anderson Sheldon   Digital Art 431&432
Hefner Brian Joenatural Leather Jewelry 433
Humphreys Jessica JH Artwear & Designs Painting 434
Watkins Patricia Bayou Bend Studio Ceramics 435
Johnson David David Johnson Ceramics Ceramics 436
Salla Kurt   Jewelry 437
Waite Colette Colette Martin Waite Painting 438
Burrow Steve Sea Oat Studio Ceramics 439
DIME Magazine   DIME Magazine *Gold Sponsor* 440
Henry Tom   Wood 441
Mallard Sheila Zella P Designs LLC dba La Petite Armoire Fiber 442
Merrill Ryan   Painting 443&444
Reif David & Ann Renegade Heart Jewelry 445
Davis John Artific Designs Printmaking 446
DePauw Rachael Rachael DePauw Pottery Ceramics 447
Carlson Lauraglen   Jewelry 448
Marcussen Stig   Painting 450&451
Moran Cindy Moran’s Art Studio Painting 500&501
Moseley Fay   Fiber 502
Theobald Linda Linda Theobald Art Inc Painting 503
Buchanan Judith   Ceramics 504&505
Lamb Douglas   Wood 506
Autin Lauren 2-DYE-4 Fiber 507&508
Sinquefield David D & B Enterprises Wood 509&509A
Nettles Brian Nettles Pottery Ceramics 510&511
Kennedy Terri Potterri Studio Ceramics 512
Broome Rosalind Rocky Broome Porcelain Pottery Ceramics 513
Inge Denise Denise Inge Watercolors Painting 514
Peterson Megan Reese & Shore Design Co. Jewelry 515
Heard Rick Rick Heard’s Garden Originals Metalsmithing 516
Cole Dustin   Wood 517
Fenwick Tracy   Metalsmithing 518
Costco Wholesale   Costco Wholesale *Silver Sponsor* 519
Applewhite Vicki Ocean Springs LIVE Painting 520
Corner Sean Sean Corner Sculptures Sculpture 521
Rodgers Robin   Ceramics 522
Galloway Joe SJS Images Glass 523&524
Britnell Richard Geographics 2D Mixed Media 525
Lorenz Richard (Rick) Silent Echoes Digital Art 526&527
Wilson Jason J. Wilson Pottery Ceramics 528
Miller Rusty rustymillerstoneware Ceramics 529&530
Asche Mickey Asche Customs Painting 531
Taeoalii Tai Art By Tai 2D Mixed Media 532&533
St Romain Jeffrey 3D Mixed Media 534
Poer Roger & Renae Designs by R & R Jewelry 535
Windham Steve Windham’s Woodworks Wood 536
Waller Christa   Photography 537
Waller Edna   Painting 538
Serkownek Michael Trace of Light Photography 539
Seymour Linda Marsh Mud Potters Ceramics 540
Robinson Dianne   (Other) 541
Tracy Ken Ken Tracy Pottery Ceramics 542
Humphreys Steve   Wood 543
Phillips Lynette Fun Stuff Pottery Ceramics 544
Mercedes Benz of South Mississippi   Mercedes Benz of South Mississippi *Silver Sponsor* 545
Mathews Celia Ginny’s Fudge and Nuts Packaged Foods 546&547
Thompson Ruth Ruth Thompson’s Fantasy Art Painting 548
Simpson Jaclyn Simply Concocted Packaged Foods 549
Britt Dylan   Fiber 550&551
Malone Florence Michael’s Pickles Packaged Foods 552
Burtt Steve Steve Burtt Pottery Ceramics 553
Aleman Shaun   Painting 554
Harkins Greg Greg Harkins Chairs Furniture 555
Porter Roxie The Briar Patch Candle & Soapmaking 556
Bosarge Kathrine Kathrine’s Candles Candle & Soapmaking 557
December Cathey C. December Studios Printmaking 558
Schlegel Babeth Les Bijoux de Babeth Jewelry 559
Lindley Steven SummerBee Woodworks Wood 560
Carter Steve Carter Driftwood Creations (Other) 561&562
Leidelmeyer Donovan   Jewelry 563
Meinders Don   Painting 564
Donlin Bernie   Wood 565
Adams Laura   Fiber 566
Patrick Linda Laurindalee’s Paper Bead Jewelry Jewelry 567
Jones Jr. George Georges Broom Closet Fiber 568
Heathcoe Arthur Azalea City Copper Metalsmithing 569
Headrick Dustin Master Artisan Guitar Picks Metalsmithing 570
Blackerby Melanie   2D Mixed Media 571
Moll Carla Atmosphere33 3D Mixed Media 572
Rappold Melinda   Fiber 573&574
Singing River Health Systems   Singing River Health Systems *Silver Sponsor* 575
Hobdy Linda Lindatwist Jewelry 576
Cornwell Laura Classy N Sassy Designs by Laura Jewelry 577
McNabb Sue Naturally Sue Ellen Candle & Soapmaking 578
Freeman Nola   Painting 579
Ocean Springs Art Association   Ocean Springs Art Association Painting 580&581
Jitpraphai Kowit   Sculpture 582
Beaird Pamela Lindsay Farms Packaged Foods 583&584
Walter Anderson Museum of Art   Walter Anderson Museum of Art (Other) 585
Gifford Tara Blue Girl Beading Co Jewelry 586
Bush Brian   3D Mixed Media 587
Young Pearl   Jewelry 588
Templin Suzy   Painting 589
Whitworth Breck Wood Treasures Wood 590
Hall Adam   Painting 591
Robinson S. Robbie Robbiewear Fiber 592
Heerten Edward Heerten Family Woodworking Wood 593
Orillion Nealy   Painting 594
Mitchell Duly Duly, Inc. Ceramics 595
Ross Bryan Unique Glassworks of Alabama Glass 596
Schiffner Don Our Tern Digital Art Photography 597
Shepard Petty The African Hut Fiber 598
Wheat Jerry Drifters Driftwood Wood 599
The Office   The Office Food & Beverage 600A
Hrycuna Jo Anna The Lazy Scroll (Other) 600&601
Williams Alex Potsalot Pottery Ceramics 602
Nitz Kelly   Ceramics 603
Salvetti Julie   Jewelry 604
Gray Spencer   Sculpture 605
Martin Ann Martin Wood Products Wood 606&607
Waugh Tim   (Other) 608
Frizzell Carnie Carnie’s Stained Glass Glass 609
Bennett Tracy Blue Crab Pottery Ceramics 610
Day Harry   (Other) 610A
Fagan Michael Michael Lagan LLC 2D Mixed Media 611
Brown Yvonne Yvonne Brown Pottery Ceramics 612
Riddley Linda   Jewelry 613
Schilder Maya Fairy Moon Glass Glass 614
Faucheux Elizabeth faucheux clay Ceramics 615
Bush Tina CreationsbyTina Fiber 616
Spies Maria   Ceramics 617
Vinsant Jayne J Lizzie Jewelry Jewelry 618
Pelas Stacey S.J.R.P. Custom Creations Painting 619
White Steve Steve White Images .com Photography 620&621
Bussard Steven Buzz’s Beef Jerky (Other) 622
Rudloff Jonathon Wired, Fired, Inspired Ceramics 623
Sherrod David & Morning Upon This Rock Jewelry 624
Williams Allen Allen Williams Studio Drawing 625
Stroud Jimmy   Photography 626
Ruckdeschel Erica   Packaged Foods 627
Wheeler Cyndi So Into You 3D Mixed Media 628
Bradley Carl K & C Creations Painting 629
Mason sara   Ceramics 630
Jensen Suzanne   Ceramics 631
Hawkins Sundi   Painting 632
Finerman Dan   Wood 633
Fayard Angela Camilla B Williams Jewelry 634
Byrd April Byrdhouse Art Designs 2D Mixed Media 635
Giles Robert Graham Metal Art Metalsmithing 636
Lindsey Laura NOLA Studio Ceramics 637&638
Sartin Beth   Painting 639
Voelkel Rachel   Ceramics 640
Griffin Jan Ocean Springs Parks and Leisure Services Ceramics 641
LaPlace Nancy Nancy LaPlace Designs Jewelry 642A
Cadman Terri Cadman & Cummins Studios Wood 642
Durnin Heather bayou gifts & jewelry Jewelry 643
Fish Deona Deona’s Sleepy Little Dreams Painting 644
Gokturk Nurhan Nurhan Gokturk Studio LLC Drawing 645
Rehfeld Charlie Tejas Cigar Box Guitar Co. Wood 646
Feazell Todd a touch of earth pottery Ceramics 647
Marks Martha   Ceramics 648
Pierre Kelly True Colors Studio Painting 649
Chavez Loran Brushstrokes & Brilliance Painting 650
Woechan Ginger   Painting 651
Walrod John   3D Mixed Media 652
Brawley Deborah the unbroken circle Fiber 653
Scott Linda   Painting 654
Poole Amber Earth,Fire,& Spirit Pottery Ceramics 655
Kennedy Carl Carl Kennedy Designs Jewelry 656
Huskey Eliza   Jewelry 657
Whitacre June Tokyo Rose Clayworks Ceramics 658
Dowling Dana Dawn Photography Photography 659
Stanley Brian   3D Mixed Media 660
Millner Vaughn Vaughn Millner Jewelry Jewelry 661
Jenkins Sarah Sarah Megan 2D Mixed Media 662
Moore Annette Ms. Annette’s Antique Ceiling Tins 3D Mixed Media 663
Ammirato Kathryn Kat’s Kreations by Kathryn Ammirato Jewelry 664
Stewart Cindy Cindy Stewart Jewelry 665
Malone Kristin Home Malone 2D Mixed Media 666
Bond Angela   Painting 667
Hilton Katja Amazing & Beautiful Butterflies 3D Mixed Media 668
Davis Kathryn Alley Kat’s Glass Glass 669
Follette Kent Kent A Follette Ceramics 670
Thompson Mike Thompson Farms (Other) 671
Eaves Nancy Conceits Jewelry 672
LeMieux Ashley The Shine Project Jewelry 673
Harris Billy Bharris Art Drawing 674
Farroll Cathy Illusions in Stained Glass by Cathleen Glass 675
Helveston, Jr Lloyd   Wood 676
Davis Judith Fiddlestix Jewelry 677
Evenson Karrie Karrie Evenson Fine Art Painting 678
Weber Fred Elements of Stained Glass Glass 679
Thomas Lauren Handknit Styles by Lauren Thomas Fiber 680
Davidson Scott Wyne Chyme Glass 681
Joyce Hadi Black Frog Designs Photography 682&683
Rodgers Ellen   Jewelry 684
Talley Cindy Cindy’s Kountry Treasures Wood 685&686
Davis Lauren   Fiber 687
Kirsch Christopher   Printmaking 688
Carter Sidney Sidney’s Creations Painting 689&690
Duvernay Betsy Funky Furniture Factory (Other) 691&692
Portschy Donald   Metalsmithing 693&694
Winters Rita Woven Works Fiber 695
Bounds Carlie   (Other) 696
Edwards Anita Anita Edwards Collection Jewelry 697
Pirkle Linda Linda Pirkle Designs Painting 698
Levin Philip Doctor’s Dreams Publ Printmaking 699
Hofrenning Paul Shino pottery Ceramics 700
Williams Ian PAW Woodcarvings Ent. Wood 701
Coker Gail Mama G’s Creations Packaged Foods 702
Burlison Wilder Burlison Floor Covering Wood 703&704
Patterson Charles   Metalsmithing 705&706
Bergeron David Bergeron Woodworks Wood 707
Sturdivant Carolyn old house glass works Glass 708
Sturdivant Roger Fused Glass by Roger and Carla Glass 709&710
Davis Catherine Ann Hi Yall! Made In The South Printmaking 711
Steinbrecher Knox Knox Pottery Ceramics 712
Perronne Barbara Courtyard Arts 3D Mixed Media 713
Baker Cheryl The Art & Illustration of Cheryl Baker Digital Art 714
Juneau Suzanne   Jewelry 715
Juneau Pat   Metalsmithing 716
Juneau Juli Nomad Glass 717
Peters Donna Deep South Studio Painting 718
Benoit Martin Louisiana Ink Art Drawing 719
De La Garza Ross Primordial Persuasions Ceramics 720
Veazey Tony Magnolia Iron Works Metalsmithing 721&722
Clarke Caroline   Fiber 723
Kearns Lawrence Lawrence Kearns Pottery Ceramics 724
Skully Frank Boxed In Wood 725
Cockman Pui-Lan Painting 726
Coburn John Center Earth Pottery Ceramics 727
Smith Steve Camp Creek Creations/Art From Empties Glass 728
Sasser Robert   Wood 729
Woliver Kristy   Jewelry 730
Sullivan Vixon   Jewelry 731
Tripp Kitty Glitzy Gull Jewelry 732
Martinez Peg Square Peg Artistic Woodworks Wood 733
Bondroff Daniel Daniel Bondroff 2D Mixed Media 734
Carlson Cory   Drawing 735
Bell Robin Swamp Dog And Friends Photography 736
Ocean Springs Urgent Care   Ocean Springs Urgent Care *Silver Sponsor* 737A
Bein Jeff   Glass 737
Peacock Hannah Finding Peacock 3D Mixed Media 738
Leiter Emily Waters Edge Jewelry – Pearl & Leather Jewelry 739&740
Hix RobinRenee   Photography 741
True Color Studio   True Color Studio Painting 742
McMurrey Stacy Out in the Country Woodwork Wood 743&744
Schuette Marcia   Glass 745
Beasley Stacey Ivy Mist Candles Candle & Soapmaking 746&747
Williams Sara Bee Gold Honey Packaged Foods 748
Frye Joseph OBTS Pottery & Ceramics Sculpture 749
Weiss Bobby Weiss Pens 3D Mixed Media 750
James Jennifer OBA Canvas Co. Fiber 751
Backer Richard Metal Minds Metalsmithing 752&753
Gunkel Ashley Feathers for Hope Jewelry 754
DeSanti Jaclyn   Painting 755
Hennig Larry   Metalsmithing 756
Grand Bay NEER presented by Chevron   Grand Bay NEER presented by Chevron *Silver Sponsor* 757
Kostyal Andrea Art of Andrea Kostyal 2D Mixed Media 758
Washington Bruce Splash ‘n’ Scrub Soap Shop Candle & Soapmaking 759
Tropp Ed Mister Oliver’s Leather Shop (Other) 760
Bassett Linda   Ceramics 761
Supple Ellen Crushed Glass Art 2D Mixed Media 762
Collier Gabrielle Sugar Fix Pralines Packaged Foods 763
Lee Sarah M&K House Jewelry 764
107.1 The Monkey     *Platinum Sponsor* 765
Swan Philip Swan Dogs Food & Beverage 800A
Ledbetter James Antique Spoon Jewelry Jewelry 807&808
Jasinski Michael Michael Jasinski Photography Photography 800
Beaugez Sarah Sarah Beaugez Designs Photography 801
Doyle Helen Helen Doyle Designs Painting 802
Myers Gaynel Deco Divas, LLC (Other) 803
Jackson Liping   3D Mixed Media 804
Ovtcharov Vladimir Ovcharov Art Studio Painting 805
Chatham Mike   Metalsmithing 806
Baldock Jeff Creative Visions Photography 809
Allen Christy   Jewelry 810
Kelley Julie jcmcandles Candle & Soapmaking 811
Broome Tracy The Frayed Edge Studio Painting 812
Besse Jensa Jensa Jo’s Jewels Jewelry 813
Coulson Louise Kingfisher Designs 3D Mixed Media 814
97.9 CPR   Alpha Media *Platinum Sponsor* 815
Dubuisson Missy Wild at Heart Rescue (Other) 900
Alzheimers, MS   Alzheimers, MS Non-profit 901
Last Chance First Hope Rescue   Last Chance First Hope Rescue Non-profit 902
Landrum Bruce Landrum’s Homemade Ice Cream Food & Beverage 910&911
Cabela Shirley Mary C. Shop Non-profit MC-1
Lugo Carmen Mary C. Shop Non-profit MC-2
Mary C. Shop   Mary C. Shop Non-profit MC-3
Original Grit Girl   Original Grit Girl Non-profit MC-4
Becky’s Kitchen   Becky’s Kitchen Food & Beverage MC-5
Ocean Springs Rotary   Ocean Springs Rotary Non-profit MC-6
USM Gulf Coast Research Laboratory     *Gold Sponsor* MC-7&MC-8